About Us

G’day, Mates!

We’re Betting Not On Betstop or BNOB – the cheeky and charming platform that’s putting the ‘fun’ back in the ‘fundamentals’ of responsible online gambling. Crikey! You’ve just stumbled upon a fair dinkum, quintessential Aussie experience that’s all about enjoying the thrill of the gamble, without putting your budgie smugglers in a twist.

Who We Are

We’re not just another gambling site – we’re your true-blue, dinky-di mates in the online betting world. Imagine the laid-back vibe of a Sunday arvo Barbie, combined with the excitement of a nail-biting cricket match – that’s us. We’re all about providing a comfortable, friendly, and enjoyable platform for punters worldwide.

Meet our Editor – Oliver Taylor

At the helm of this Aussie adventure is our Editor, Oliver Taylor. The man’s more seasoned than a barbie shrimp and has more than a decade of experience in the gambling industry. With a career as bright as the Southern Cross, Ollie has worn many hats in the iGaming world.

  • Bet365 – Chief of Business Development
    At bet365, Ollie was all about making the big moves. He set strategic goals, identified potential business opportunities, and created partnerships that were as solid as a Kangaroo’s punch.
  • Microgaming – Chief Operations Officer
    Running operations at Microgaming was a task as challenging as wrestling a croc, but Ollie handled it like a true Aussie. He made sure the day-to-day activities were as smooth as a platypus’s belly, keeping the team on track and the games flowing.
  • Caesars Entertainment – Vice President of iGaming Strategy
    Caesars Entertainment saw Ollie stepping up to the vice presidency, where he developed strategies as creative as a cockatoo’s mating dance. He was instrumental in pioneering the company’s foray into the digital space, creating a top-notch online experience that put traditional casinos on notice.
  • Unibet – Marketing Director
    Unibet was the cherry on top of Ollie’s career pavlova. As CEO, he led the company with the determination of a wallaby on a mission. He had a hand in everything, from overseeing global operations to initiating strategic mergers and partnerships.

Our Mission

Under Ollie’s expert steerage, we’re committed to providing a top-notch betting platform that’s as reliable as a Holden Ute and as fun as a frothy beer at a footy match. With responsible gambling at the heart of our ethos, we ensure that every bet you place is as safe as a joey in a pouch.

So, hop on in, mate! At BettingNotOnBetstop.net, everyone gets a fair go. We reckon you’re going to love it here.

Remember, we’re just a shout away. If you have any queries, comments, or if you just want to share your epic win, give us a bell!

Good on ya, mate! Here’s to a bonzer time together.